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【WordPress Theme 主題布景】Kora Premium

如果你真的想獲得偉大的主題和它的工作沒有任何問題 – 選取KORA 。
有了這一個,你會得到像粘頭(灰色頂欄+選單) ,盒裝或全寬度的佈局,許多內容與背景圖案等等等等……全部可用的功能

【WordPress Theme 主題布景】Kora Premium

【WordPress Theme 主題布景】Kora Premium

有了這個真棒功能,您可以在幾分鐘之內沒有任何的PHP / HTML / CSS知識建立網站。


【WordPress Theme 主題布景】Kora Premium 官方網站:

If you realy want to get great theme and work on it without any problems – choose KORA. This is definitely something new & fresh with many great features included. With this one you will get options like sticky header (grey top bar + menu), boxed or full width layout, many content & background patterns and so much more… Full list of available features you can find under description.

Certainly one of the best options is Content/Page Builder. With this awesome feature you can build site without any php/html/css knowledge within minutes. Everything can be done by drag & drop. Sounds nice? Also we have option for more advanced users and you can also built page using standard shortcodes. So as you can see everyone can build site with our product.

Want to get page just like our demo? It can`t be done easier. You can upload xml file with dummy content and after few seconds you can get exactly the same page as our demo. You can watch video on our support forum to see how easy it is. Also we offer our help to set up your page just like on demo so you do not need to worry if your site will work because certainly will be without any problems.

Furthermore, you can be sure your page will be liked by search engines (especially Google) because theme is SEO Ready. Whole code and tags has been also stacked properly from the most important, like h1 to less. Also you can choose if you want to use our built-in SEO options or maybe your own external plugin (like “All in One SEO” or “WordPress SEO by Yoast”). We built additional fields like Title, Description and Keywords for each page.



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