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7075 aluminum _ cnc machining(7075鋁材_數控加工)

7075是一種以鋅為元素之一的鋁合金。 具有良好的疲勞強度和良好的加工性能,但不能焊接。 與其他合金相比,它的抗腐蝕能力也較弱。 常見型號有:7075-0、7075-T6、7075-T651。
7075 T6 T62 T7351鋁合金薄板是目前航空工業中應用最廣泛的7**。 主要熱處理工況有O、T6、T73、T76。

對應力腐蝕開裂敏感,韌性隨溫度降低而降低。 T6 狀態不適用於低溫工作部件。

T76的性能介於T6和T73之間。 與T6狀態相比,強度低,但抗應力腐蝕能力好。 與T73狀態相比,強度高,但耐應力腐蝕能力差。
航空固定裝置、卡車、塔式建築、船舶、管道和其他需要強度、可焊性和耐腐蝕性的建築應用領域。 如:飛機零件、齒輪和軸、保險絲零件、儀表軸和齒輪、導彈零件跳入閥門零件、渦輪、鑰匙、飛機、航空和國防應用或彩彈槍相關產品的內部零件。


7075 is an aluminum alloy with zinc as one of its elements. It has good fatigue intensity and good processability but cannot be welded. Compared with other alloys, its ability to resist corrosion is also weak. Common models are: 7075-0, 7075-T6, 7075-T651.
7075 T6 T62 T7351 aluminum alloy sheet plate is currently the most widely used 7 * * * in aviation industry. The main heat treatment conditions are O, T6, T73, T76.

The static strength of T6 is the highest, the ductility is the lowest and the fatigue is the worst.
It is sensitive to stress corrosion cracking, and toughness decreases with the decrease of temperature. The T6 state is not applied to cryogenic working parts.

T73 has the lowest state strength but has high fracture toughness and excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking and denudation.
The performance of T76 is between T6 and T73. Compared with T6 state, it has low strength but good resistance to stress corrosion. Compared with T73 state, its strength is high, but its stress corrosion resistance is poor.
Aviation fixed devices, trucks, tower buildings, ships, pipelines and other areas of building applications that need strength, weldability and corrosion resistance. Such as: aircraft parts, gears and shafts, fuse parts, instrument shafts and gears, and missile parts jump into valve parts, turbine, keys, aircraft, aviation and national defense applications or internal part of paintball gun related products.



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