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(電影編輯工具)Movavi Video Suite 12.0.0


更快,更容易的好萊塢風格的電影。匯入和編輯高清和立體3D檔案,使用合成和色彩校正工具,適用於5.1環繞聲混音,等等。提供你的電影你想要的任何模式。它們上傳到YouTube 和Pixelcast( Sony開發的一種新的網站,共享和合作) ,將它們燒錄到藍光光碟,或作者的DVD與自訂選單和圖形。憑藉其迷人的介面,直觀的工作流程,以及令人印象深刻的編輯工具,它把專業級的電影製作就掌握在您的指尖。


你拍你的Bloggie,數位攝錄機,GoPro,和手機視訊,現在你想要把所有剪輯在一起,製作成電影。是很簡單的!匯入多個檔案類型為Movavi Video Suite和編輯同一個時間軸上。排序匯入的剪輯來決定哪個最適合您的項目。


發佈電影Pixelcast 無需離開應用程式!構建一個視訊或幻燈片的假期,一個家庭或與親朋好友的故事。然後把連結發給其他人檢查你的經驗或邀請他們通過上傳照片和自己的視訊合作。

開始你的項目出來的權利。使用New Project對話框,以確保每個項目設定了需要產生令人驚嘆的電影,每一次的準確設定。選取最適合您的視訊( AVCHD ,藍光光碟,立體3D,以及更多),它可以設定你適合的選項屬性。

圓了你的電影夢,令人興奮的配樂和美麗的標題。從CD或MP3 ,記錄儀器匯入自己的音樂直接進入該程式,或從20選取內含索尼音響系列:製作音樂的音訊檔案,以建立完美的音樂。在影片中動畫的文字與標題和文字工具或建立的NewBlue蒂特勒EX 3D遊戲。是你可以選取的!


從標準溶解到轟動3D ,場景,視訊轉換之間加入藝術風格。與視訊或音訊事件的一個簡單的拖放改變每個過渡的持續時間。

最多可加入20個視訊和20個音訊軌道,每一個Movavi Video Suite 項目。建立一個影片有多個視訊層的合成或子母畫面風格的場景。您還可以錄製多軌音訊直接進入該程式,創造完美大氣的配樂。


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Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13.0

Make Hollywood-style movies faster and easier. Import and edit HD and stereoscopic 3D files, use compositing and color-correction tools, apply 5.1 surround sound mixing, and more. Deliver your movies any way you want. Upload them to YouTube™ and Pixelcast™ (a new website from Sony for sharing and collaboration), burn them to Blu-ray Disc™, or author DVDs with custom menus and graphics. With its inviting interface, intuitive workflow, and impressive editing tools, Movie Studio Platinum puts professional-grade moviemaking right at your fingertips.

Capture the action
You've shot video on your Bloggie®, Handycam, GoPro®, and phone, and now you want to bring all the clips together and make a movie. Easy! Import multiple file types into Movie Studio Platinum and edit them on the same timeline. Sort the imported clips to decide which work best in your project.

New ways to share
Publish movies to Pixelcast™ without ever leaving the application! Construct a video or slideshow of your vacation, a family event, or a get together with friends. Then send a link to others to check out your experience or invite them to collaborate by uploading photos and video of their own.

Easy project creation
Start your project out right. Use the New Project dialog to ensure that each project is set up with the exact settings you need to produce stunning movies, every time. Select the option that best matches your video (AVCHD, Blu-ray Disc™, stereoscopic 3D, and more) and Movie Studio sets your Project Properties for you.

Sounds and titles
Round out your movie with exciting soundtracks and beautiful titles. Import your own music from CD or MP3, record instruments directly into the program, or select from the 20 included Sony Sound Series: Production Music audio files to create the perfect music bed. Animate text in your movies with the Titles & Text tool or create 3D titles with NewBlue Titler EX. The choice is yours!

Up the excitement
Boost colors, apply slow motion, or add other effects to enhance any video project. Add effects to an entire track or to individual events, and view your changes instantly in the Preview Window.

Transitions and dissolves
From standard dissolves to sensational 3D, add artistic style between scenes with video transitions. Change the duration of each transition with a simple drag of the video or audio event.

Build something great
Add up to 20 video and 20 audio tracks to each Movie Studio Platinum project. Create a movie with multiple video layers for compositing or picture-in-picture-style scenes. You can also record multitrack audio directly into the program to create the perfect atmospheric soundtrack.

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