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(Photoshop外掛程式)Filter Forge 4.008


Filter Forge是一個多功能的Photoshop外掛程式,它可以讓新手和專家使用者建立各種各樣的現實和抽像的紋理和效果。使用者可以即時優於9940免費社區建立過濾器在過濾網上圖書室,或是通過從部件如模糊,漸變,色彩調整,噪音,失真,或混合組裝他們在視覺過濾器編輯器建立自己的過濾器 – 無需編寫一行代碼。




該迴圈元件寫程式帶來的兩個關鍵概念 – 嵌套迴圈和遞歸 – 進入過濾偽造的視覺環境,在不需要你寫任何代碼的模式。它可以讓你編譯的成分多次的子樹,並結合所有這些迭代的結果合併到一個單一的輸出圖像。



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Filter Forge 4.008

Filter Forge is a versatile Photoshop plugin which lets both novice and expert users create a wide variety of realistic and abstract textures and effects. Users can take instant advantage of over 9940 free community-created filters in the online filter library, or create their own filters in the visual filter editor by assembling them from components such as blurs, gradients, color adjustments, noises, distortions, or blends – without writing a single line of code.

Features Added in Version 4.0

The long-awaited fourth version of Filter Forge is out! Explore the horizons of the new Filter Forge with the flexible filter manager, support for component grouping and loop operations, new fantastic filters, and much more.

Filter Manager
The new built-in filter manager helps you organize your filter collection. You can now create an unlimited number of custom folders for user-made filters and favorites. The filter manager also features new filter history and a rehauled filter search list.

Loops and Recursions
The Loop component brings two key concepts of programming – nested loops and recursions – into the visual environment of Filter Forge, in a way that doesn't require you to write any code. It lets you render a subtree of components multiple times and combine results of all these iterations into a single output image.

Component Grouping
The grouping feature and the new Group component simplify creation of complex filters by letting filter authors "package" reusable parts of the filter tree into custom-made components with user-definable inputs and parameters.

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